Administration and Public Policies in the European Union



The program „Administration and public policies in the European Union” (APPUE) represents another masters field specialized in European public administration .It has been accredited by ARACIS since 2009-2010 and it was sanctioned by the Board’s meeting form 30.07.2009. The program is structured according to Bucharest University politics of education and it consists of 4 semesters during which the main priority is scientific research combined with a high quality professional education in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. All those elements are combined in order to help the future participants in their career development.
All the academics involved in this masters program are one of the most representativescientific researchers at a national and collective level with printed books and articles published by prestigious publishing houses.
The educational curriculum is based on the vast domain of public politics of administration in terms of the management process and evaluation of European programs and policies. The following lectures are included:
·         European public policy
·         Management and leadership comparison in the public domain
·         Program and project management
·         Evaluation of European programs and projects
·         Methods and techniques of research and analysis
·         Management of change and local development
The main attributions of the program are to enhance the participant’s abilities regarding the analysis and management of economic and administrative information, their abilities to elaborate public politics in administrative processes and also to increase their capacity of organizing public administration sectors.
After attending this masters the graduates will be able to make a better evaluation of the obtained results in the activities of public services, they will be able to collaborate with experts in various domains, they will be able to take responsible decisions in their own activity an in the context of change management.
The mission of this program is to create the next generation of specialists in the domain of Public Administration and Public Policies, who will later bring their contribution to the improvement of the administrative system as far as the efficiency of procedures in the public sector is concerned. All those new qualifications should help them to have a smooth transition to the working market.
The objectives of the masters program are:
Ÿ  Professional training of public politics analysts and European programs evaluators throughout this postgraduate program;
Ÿ  To enhance efficiency in diverse  activities of public domain by organizing in-depth courses for the master students;
Ÿ  To award the participants with diplomas and accredited certificates according to their results;
Ÿ  To develop scientific activities of research, consulting regarding regional and local development of contemporary public politics and risk management in the domain of public administration;
Ÿ  To improve the educational system,  the scientific researches and services by a constant readjustment not only of the content but also  teaching techniques ,technologies and evaluation methods of the learning process. Our desire is to be in contact with the latest tendencies of progress on a global scale and with the ever-changing economical and social sphere of our country;
Ÿ  The constant support of our teaching staff in order to attend competitions and to improve their  scientific researches and projects with national or E.U funds;
Ÿ  To collaborate with national or foreign universities in order to develop a modern and efficient process of learning.
Job areas connected with this domain in which the graduates can later activate are:
   Ÿ    Public European institutions (officers, consultants, analysts, evaluators);
   Ÿ    Institutions which are specialized in the local or central public administration;
   Ÿ    Private organizations based on service delivery to population or other organizations;
      Ÿ    Non-governmental organizations (NGO) such as associations and foundations;
      Ÿ    Training or consultancy societies;

Academic Staff

Prof.univ.dr. BUCUR ION
Prof.univ.dr. MARINESCU PAUL
Prof.univ.dr. PARLAGI ANTON
Conf.univ.dr. PAPUC RĂZVAN
Conf.univ.dr. ZULEAN MARIAN
Lector univ.dr. BRATU ANCA
Lector univ.dr. BURCEA MARIN


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