Administration and Development of Human Resources



The masters program is organized by the faculty of Business and Administration which was founded in 2000. The legal framework on which this masters is based can be found in Law of Education number 84/1995, republished with several latter amendments, Law number 128/2004 which refers to the structure of academic courses with latter amendments, Law number 128/1997 regarding the statute of the educational staff, Government Resolution number 404/2006 regarding the structure and the consecution of masters studies, and last but not least the “University of Bucharest Charta”.
The masters program is organized based on the standards, criteria, and standards of performance established by the ARACIS methodology of evaluation in terms of accreditation.The program is structured according to Bucharest University politics of education and it consists of 4 semesters (two years) during which the main priority is scientific research combined with a high quality professional education in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. All those elements are combined in order to help the future graduates in their career development.
The masters program is in perfect concordance with the most modern structures of European educational systems by encouraging partnerships with several European universities with the same teaching areas of interest.
The masters program represents the second cycle of academic studies and it ensures the in-depth comprehension of administrative sciences. The high quality of training and researches is given by the experience of the teaching department and from this perspective the correlation of the masters program with the scientific research is very tight. The fundaments of these masters are:
·         the perfect combination of teaching activities with scientific researching depending on the program;
·         the proper integration of students in individual or group researching.
The master’s study has its own program of research based on the gathering of researching activities of its members of department, it is correlated with the activities of the Cultural Economical and Administrative Studies Center and it has three main directions of research:
·         human resources management in terms of the national and organizational context;
·         career management;
·         creativity and leadership;
All the academics involved in this masters program are one of the most representative scientific researchers at a national and collective level with printed books and articles published by prestigious publishing houses.
In addition to this, each year it is held an international session of scientific projects in which master students can participate with their tutors.
All members of the teaching department are involved in grant projects at a national level and they also attend conferences and competitions in educational researches.
The program „Administration and development of human resources” is a masters cycle whose purpose is to enhance the professional qualifications of each student in the field of human resources.
The graduates of this masters program will become experts in human resources and well trained leaders in the field of personal management and good managers concerning human resources policies etc.
The structure of this educational program concerns the domain of human resources especially processes like management in the context of macro and micro changes in the environment of human resources:
·         fundamental incomes in economy;
·         organizational sociology;
·         performance evaluation and human resources development;
·         communication strategies and techniques;
·         creativity and productivity of human resources.
An important aspect is the attention we give to the entrepreneurship sector because there are analyzed European organizational comportments, stress and conflict management, communication process, time and organizational culture management.
At the same time this masters was designed to generate abilities which could be used at a national level concerning risk management, social statistics and the efficiency of the entire management process.
The methods used during the lectures are based on case studies and projects concerning human resources in terms of economy, legislative and organizational culture aspects.
The main competencesof this program are regarding the management and human resources development, administrative processes and facts and organizational managements concerning departments.
The professional competences gained throughout this masters are: a good capacity of evaluation of the obtained results as an expert of human resources , the ability to collaborate with specialists from different domains, the capacity of taking the proper decision at the right time  and to know how to act in terms of changing management etc.
The missionof this program is to create the next generation of experts in the field of human resources who later on will improve the system of human resources development and last but not least is to ensure the best transition of the student into the labor field.
The objectivesof these studies are:
·         Professional training for the next generation of experts in human resources management and development throughout this postgraduate program;
·         To enhance efficiency in diverse activities of human resources by organizing in-depth courses for the master students;
·         To award the participants with diplomas and accredited certificates according to their results;
·         Developing scientific activities of research, consulting regarding human resources development and social politics; risk management in human resources;
·          To improve the educational system, the scientific researches and services by a constant readjustment not only of the content but also  teaching techniques, technologies and evaluation methods of the learning process. Our desire is to be in contact with the latest tendencies of progress on a global scale and with the ever-changing economical and social sphere of our country;
·         The constant support of our teaching staff in order to attend competitions and to improve their scientific researches and projects with national or European Union funds;
·         To collaborate with national or foreign universities in order to develop a modern and efficient process of learning.
Job areas connected with this domain in which the graduates can later activate are:
·         Organizations and public or private institutions which are specialized in career development.
·         Private organizations based on service delivery to population or other organizations;

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO) such as associations and foundations ;
  • Training or consulting  societies;

·         Economic agents which may offer different perspectives of professional development




Academic Staff


Prof.univ.dr. MARINESCU PAUL
Prof.univ.dr. PĂUŞ VIORICA
Prof.univ.dr. ŢENOVICI DINU
Conf.univ.dr. IUCU BUMBU OANA
Lector univ.dr. BRATU ANCA
Lector univ.dr. BURCEA MARIN
Lector univ.dr. ROTARU FLORIN

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