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In a world of competition where only performance resists change, choice in any domain is becoming increasingly difficult.
Therefore, it is better to acknowledge - future high school graduates, students, parents - that only a highly trained individual is a wanted person in the labor market.
Faculty of Administration and Business is one of the most important institutions of higher education in Romania, is a new structure, modern and attractive of the University of Bucharest.
The study programs of Faculty of Public and Business Administration comprise in two cycles – bachelor degree and master- in the areas of real interest for the national economy: Administrative Sciences and Economics.
The mission and objectives of the
Faculty of Administration and Business gives to this structure the chance to train specialists in fields of study with many competences which enable them a workplace according to their aspirations.
There is a Reference and Information Centre for Professional Practice and Entrepreneurship in the faculty where students have the opportunity to receive training programs on the transition from study to the economic life with the help of moderators - professionals in business, so-called "professionals" with experience and special expertise.
Therefore, if you want to become a public servant or an appreciated economist able to develop your own business, then your place is in Public Administration, Business Administration or Marketing.
If you already havea bachelor's degree or a second faculty, a master's program will give extra knowledge and skills.
Being a student at the
Faculty of Administration and Business of the University of Bucharest is a great experience, unique and special.